Was Good everybody!! My name is Timothy Mercer. I am 19 years old and i am an athlete. I played almost every sport in high school because of my strong athletic background. But of all the sports i played my Favorite sport was golf. Yes and i said golf! Everyone I tell that I play golf always look at me and say, ” you don’t look like a golfer!” But looks can be deceiving! I was the captain of my golf team for three year in a row, I was the conference M.V.P. for two years, and i was the team M.V.P. for two years in a row. Therefore, when I graduated I graduated as the number one seed in the city. Which also led to my coach being the coach of the year one year after I graduated! So i may not look like l a golfer but my background tells it all. i didn’t mean to get into all detail with my past but golf is my interest. I started playing golf my freshmen year of high school and when i picked up the clubs I fell in love with the game. I started getting good and took the sport by storm. nevertheless i thought about scholarships for college. then i thought to myself that everybody wanted a scholarship in basketball and foot ball so i was going to change the game and work hard at golf to get a scholarship to college in golf. Which i did when i was attending Prairie State College in Chicago Heights. where i played for one season then i came to Vincennes  University for the higher recognition on this golf team!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. cricha39 Says:

    Thats Wus up! Sounds like and interesting story. I am an athlete too. I play for the basketball team for Vincennes. As you already know being an athlete is a lot of work. How is golfing going for you now?

    • timman11 Says:

      its going ok…i had to stop playing so i could focus on my grades…but i will continue to play when i leave here at a university in North carolina…and oh yes it too much work being an athlete

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