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Any Team can win the Playoffs except the Los Angeles Lakers

May 3, 2010

I dislike the Lakers so much!! When i was younger i did like the lakers, but that was only because my dad made us ban-wagon with him. the Lakers as a whole was cool when they had Shaq, Robert Horry, Ron Harper, and the “unselfish Kobe Bryant!! But since Shaq and all of those guys left i Left!! Kobe is the captain of his team and he is a great basketball player, but i don’t like that he plays like a baby on the court. I was raised to be tough. When Kobe is on the floor he drives to the bucket and wants to get every foul even if he just tapped with a little contact. i like the strong players like Lebron, Josh Smith, and Amare Stoudemire. This is the kind of ball i like to see being played, not this acting to get the call from the referees. And since i became a Dallas Maverics fan i really don’t want the Lakers to win this years championship because we were put out. Now, don’t get me mixed up or put words in my blogs, but i didn’t say that i don’t like Kobe as a player because he is one of the greats. Nevertheless, i don’t like his style of basketball and all of the acting he does on the court just to look good.

This is the way Kobe plays!!!......."LIKE A BABY!!!!!"