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Cereal at ANYTIME!!!!!

April 5, 2010

Some people say that cereal is for breakfast only. Well from my perspective i believe that cereal can be eaten at anytime or anywhere no matter if its day, night time,or place. I can get a craving for cereal and milk at 2:00 a.m. and eat about two or three bowls. And it takes no time for me to eat a whole box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch to myself. Now those who know what i’m talking about when i say you can eat cereal at anytime know what i mean when i say its make a great snack, but those who just leave their cereal on their refrigerators, or in a pantry needs to experience a cold bowl of cereal when you wake up at 2:00 in the morning and you don’t feel like cooking or microwaving some food. Cereal does the body GOOOOD!!!

Therefore i do have favorite cereals of all time since i was a little kid and they are: Captain Crunch original, Captain Crunch Berries, Apple Jacks, Fruity Pebbles, Cheerios, Reese’s Puff Cereal, Fruit Loops, my all time favorite is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and i even love Granola cereals like Banana Nut cereal and Oats and Honey Cereal.

So for those that think cereal is only supposed to be eaten at breakfast time needs to get a rude awakening from this blog because cereal taste good at anytime of the day. especially when you are eating one of your favorite cereals int the world!!

Many of you may not agree but i do have a small list of cereals that are just nasty and i do not like to eat them! And they are: Raisin Bran Plain Rice Krispies Cereal

And last but not least the most nastiest cereal on my list is………………………………Waffle Crisps!!!! NASSSSTTTYYY!!! Whoever enjoys a bowl of this…more power to you. This has been a nasty cereal since i was young and i didn’t like since i was a little kid and that was back in the 90’s!!!!


Campus Life

April 5, 2010

Campus life is only for the strong!!! you have to be able to survive and provide for yourself because you are leaving your parents or guardians wings. My mother told me that, “when you all golf off to college you are basically poor.” I really didn’t understand what she was saying until i finally got to college. I had little money, a small room, little food, and no transportation. i basically survive off of my mother and father when they send me money, or when i get any little money i get my hands on. As far as food goes, every college student around the United states know that the number one college food to eat is “Ramen Noodles.” The noodle company makes so much money just off of college students its ridiculous. Its crazy because i didn’t eat noodles back at home before i came to college but now its like when in doubt get the Noodles Out!!!

I have seen a lot of weird things on campus that i know 100 percent sure i would not have seen if i was at home. i have seen more Gay men and woman than i have ever seen in my life, i have seen Atheist who totally disrespect god and things he has done, girls and guys having sex more than eat in a day just because they away from home, and jus some of the most shocking things i have ever seen in my life that can’t be explained on this blog. I have lived on the Vincennes University campus for almost 2 years now. It has been fun and frustrating at the same time. It has been fun because i am what you can call a strong guy who can take care of himself. My mother told me that sh knew i w could go and live on my own at the age of fifteen. So now that i am away for school she knows that i am okay because of the life training she prepared my brothers and i with. therefore i handle all of the problems that this campus life brings with maturity and smart tactics.

Nevertheless the campus life is for the strong! Many high school students are ready to leave home and get away by going to college, but if i were them i would not be in a hurry because it is a lot of freedom but with freedom comes great responsibility.