Shoe Game Crazy!!

I am not too much hooked on how much a shoe costs, but i base my choices on if the shoe fits, if it has the color i would prefer, and the if it matches my outfit. Shoes

When I was young I didnt have all of the top name brand shoes. I didn’t wear the Timberlands that were $145, i wore the State Streets that were $50 at payless. But what i always did since i was young was wear my shoes like they were $145 Timberlands. And of course as i got older those State Streets were not exceptable any more. i had to find make a way and get some better quality shoes.
When I was about 12 or 13 i began to where the famous first basketall shoe, which were the Converse All-Stars created by Chuck Taylor. thes shoes came in many different colors, and i used to love to wear them as a young teenager. Chuck Talor were Bad for playing basketball in unless you wore anckle braces, but they were sure goo for style back when i was in middle and my freshmen year of high school.This was a very popular shoe and most of the girls and boys wore these shoes all the time.
<img src="" alt="" title="Skeeter Rider" width="216" height="300" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-70" /


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